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Judith Offer


Parts for Women (and Men) 17-70    +    American History    +    The Many Faces of Oakland    +    Plays for Children
Poetry You Can Understand    +    Musicals    +    Humor


Judith's one-act plays have entertained audiences across the United States. Her full-length plays for adult audiences include three musicals, where Judith wrote the book and lyrics and collaborated with composers of original music. In addition, Judith has written the book and lyrics for three childrens' musicals, performed by children for children, again collaborating with composers of orginal music.

Information on each of Judith's plays is available here, as well as information on some works in progress. For more information, including with respect to production rights, contact us.


Judith's poetry has been published in a number of poetry and non-poetry magazines, as well as having been heard on National Public Radio. Judith has four books of poetry, three of which are still in print and can be ordered from this Web site. Selections from each book can be found here.


Judith has three workbooks available to teachers using drama to reinforce subject matter learning. The first, California History Plays for Young People, is designed for use in fourth-grade classrooms. In loose-leaf form, the workbook is designed to permit copying by teachers for classroom use.

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Naatak Theatre

I have had fun “discovering” Naatak Theatre, the campy, energetic, East Indian-American community theatre group centered in Santa Clara and Palo Alto.  They have done so many things right that if you’re a theatre person, you really need to check them out.  (Or if you’re not, check them out, too.)
Of course when I say “discovered”, I don’t mean the Christopher Columbus version of thinking I was the first one in empty territory.  I realized before I attended anything that Naatak was in its twentieth (now twenty-first year) of operations,

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