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I have had fun “discovering” Naatak Theatre, the campy, energetic, East Indian-American community theatre group centered in Santa Clara and Palo Alto.  They have done so many things right that if you’re a theatre person, you really need to check them out.  (Or if you’re not, check them out, too.)
Of course when I say “discovered”, I don’t mean the Christopher Columbus version of thinking I was the first one in empty territory.  I realized before I attended anything that Naatak was in its twentieth (now twenty-first year) of operations,


Answering the Call

A couple of months ago I self-published a chapbook of poems called THE GRATING OF AMERICA, which I will be “showing off” at a California Writers Club meeting in January. This little booklet has 21 poems about our current so-called “Administration”, as well as eight political cartoons on the same subject by nationally syndicated Nick Anderson. I started writing these poems a few days after the man I call Drumpf was elected. The fact is that since that gruesome day,