Judith has three workbooks available to teachers using drama to reinforce subject matter learning. The first, California History Plays for Young People, is designed for use in fourth-grade classrooms. In loose-leaf form, the workbook is designed to permit copying by teachers for classroom use.

California History PlaysCalifornia History Plays For Young People

The workbook has three plays intended to be read aloud in class, as well as improvisational suggestions, material to help an experienced teacher get started with drama in his or her class, and an exercise to help the students write their own plays. The three plays are Colma Becomes An Indian, sharing the day-to-day reality of Mission Indians; The Voyage of the Henry B, sharing the experiences of passengers on a ship headed around the Horn to the California Gold Rush; and I’ve Been Working on the R.R., showing how The Big Four made their millions on the backs of low-paid Chinese immigrants.California History Plays For Young People is distributed by The Book Handler, 3597 Lomacitas, Bonita, CA 91902. $15 plus tax/ handling.


shortplayscoverShort Plays For New Americans

Judith’s second workbook, Short Plays For New Americans, is designed for use by English-as-a-second-language (ESL) instructors for learners of all ages.

These pieces are intended for use in a class with both native English speakers and immigrant children. While everyone is having fun, the English learners are hearing (and repeating) commonly-used English phrases. The plays are 1-5 pages long. Each play is followed by an English exercise if the teacher cares to expand the students’ use of that construction. Also included are instructions for the teacher in how to teach drama.

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