Works Looking for Collaboration


This is a full-length musical (Skye Atman, Composer). The story is of an especially pretty nineteen year old Latina living with her family in the Mission District of San Francisco, who gets tapped for a modeling gig. What follows is an update of the classic beauty myth of Psyche and Eros. The theme is the way the supposed “perfect beauty” sold by the larger culture affects all the women –in this case the model, whose name is Mariposa: her mother and sisters, other models, her school friends, older women, etc.

The piece is about two hours long and has thirteen named characters, as well as a chorus, which could be partly double cast. The music would use the combination of instruments in a mariachi band.

At this point, Skye and Judith would like an opportunity for a public reading and some feedback. If it were near Oakland, Skye could play the piano and Judith could help find singers.

The piece is complete but of course as with every first reading/production would have many adjustments.

Characters and Set

PADRE ORÁCULO Pastor of San Carlos Borromeo Parish in the Mission District, in San Francisco, California. Baritone.
MARIPOSA REAL A young woman of 19, who lives in the Mission District and attends City College of San Francisco. Soprano.
MERCEDES REAL Mariposa’s sister, 20, also at the College. Soprano.
DIANA CAZADORA Designer of women’s clothes, 35. Soprano.
REYES REAL Mercedes and Mariposa’s father, a janitor at the Sheraton Palace Hotel. Baritone.
RENATA REAL Mercedes and Mariposa’s mother, housekeeper at the Sheraton Palace Hotel. Mezzo Soprano.
MAGDALENA REAL The third child in the Real family, 13. Soprano.
APHRODITE ALSKAR A buyer for Sax, mid forties. Mezzo Soprano.
ERIK ALSKAR Aphrodite’s son, 22. Tenor.
BERNIE BURKHALTER New York Fashion photographer. Non-singer.
TARA and MEGAN Models, 16
TÍA TILDA Mission District clothing store owner. Contralto.
CHORUS: A group of mixed ages and races who play Mission District residents, people in the fashion world, a symphony audience.



This is a completed libretto for a full-length musical. It is about the old growth redwoods and the new growth marijuana in Humboldt Country, California. Judith is looking for a composer for this piece.


KARL and CARY STENVOLD A married couple, proprietors of Stenvold’s General Store in Hansen’s Mill, Ca; 50ish
COLUMBINE Their daughter, 18, an adopted Native American
AJ MCFALL Lumberman; 50ish, “AJ”
BARRY “BEAR” MC FALL AJ’s son; 21; also lumberman
KRISHNA WILDEWOLD Humboldt State Journalism Student; 20, “KRIS”
OLAF HANSEN Mill owner; 60ish
TEXARKANA TRIPP Owner of Tripps End Resorts; 40s, “DoubleT
EDISON GRANDE International Resort Builder
DAN MORALES Sheriff of Humboldt County
ROXIE ROSEBERRY Owner of Roseberry Farm, “All Organic Greens” Head of Humboldt Medical Cannabis Co-op
GRANDMOTHER TOUCH-THE-SKY The spirit of the great tree, ancient
CHORUS People who live in town/lumber workers (5+)



This is a completed play looking for a first reading or production. It is set in the Oakland hills, in the living room of a Greek American family. The mother is a widow of about 3 years standing, who, on a trip to Mexico, decides she owns far more possessions than is good for her. As she begins to dispose of them, she causes her children anxiety…especially when she takes up with a new man, who begins inheriting them.


CHLOE PARAKONE Widow living in Oakland hills, 55
ZOE PARAKONE Chloe’s daughter, Investment Banker, 33
NIKO PARAKONE Chloe’s son, physical education teacher, 28
JEB PIKE Guide for Global Exchange, 50
DESIREE FENDLER Chloe’s housekeeper, single mother of two, 45



This is a full-length play about an Oakland book group that decides to go to Stinson Beach for the weekend together. While they are there, one is murdered. Judith is looking for a first production or public reading for this piece.


AUDIE WEINBERGER Member and organizer of Crocker Books. 40-something. Librarian, mother of two, wife of engineer
MONICA AKBAR Audie’s good friend and book group member. Also 40-something. Engineer.
PHIL BLAISDELL Manager of Seadrift, a high end development at Stinson Beach At least 40
DELPHINIA POTTS Member of book club. Housewife and particularly good cook. Heavy but pretty.
THEA BURKE Crocker Book Member. 50-something. Trim, yogaist, vegetarian, hiker, birder.
CHELSEA CROSSTON New book club member. 30-something, exceptionally pretty, tall, blond. Model.
FORD CROSSTON Chelsea’s husband. Handsome, successful, bossy. 40s
CODY NASH Local plumber, hiker, naturalist 35ish
HENRY CARLYSLE Policeman; life-long resident of Stinson Beach. At least 50; comfortable-looking. (Note: could be played by a woman, “Henny”.)



This was Judith’s first-ever play. It is set in Anacostia High School, in Washington, DC, where she herself taught English for three years. As befits a first play, it is (loosely) modeled on ROMEO AND JULIET, with many differences, including a different ending. This play had a perfectly dreadful reading at the Summer Playwrights’ Festival in Marin; it was scheduled at 10 pm, after an entire performance of another play, which audience was asked to stay for two more hours! Only three people in the audience stayed. Several of the actors were completely unsuited; for example there were no high school students playing those parts. What it actually needs is a serious reading. Because of the high school students—6 or 7—it would need a company to cooperate with a local high school.


ANDREA COLE Business teacher, mid twenties, Black
ROBERTA TOWN English teacher, early twenties, White
STEVE HAMMET English Teacher, mid twenties, White
JOSHUA Art teacher, mid twenties, Black
RONALD LIGHT Principal, about 50, White
JERRY BARNETT School football star, White
MARGARET MORGAN, Drama club member, sophomore, cast as Juliet, Black
HARRIET MORGAN, Margaret’s Aunt and guardian, a college teacher, Black
BENJAMIN GRINSTEIN Sophomore, 16, Cast as Romeo, White
RODNEY, JIM, ANN, GREGORY, JAMILA, STEVE High school students who play themselves and also characters from ROMEO AND JULIET. Black and White
Extra students would be wonderful.



This is a libretto for a musical, which once had music and was produced. [See review below.] After the production the composer pulled her music, but the libretto is available and still viable. Gory details available as needed.


MARIANNE MATTER Walnut Creek Housewife, Composer and Senior Orchestra Conductor
Marianne’s kids
JAN Marianne’s next-door neighbor and friend
MARTIN MATTER Marianne’s husband, a partner in the law firm, Moss and Fuss
BRENDA BAILEY Martin’s partner at MF
RENE An associate at MF
TIM CONNORS A househusband
DONALD GORDON Vice President of International Associates